Benefits of Geranium herb

The article was published on the website in February 2021

The geranium herb has health and cosmetic benefits many, Here are some of them in the following lines:

Health benefits of geranium herb

Pain relief: geranium herb contains pain-relieving chemicals. relieve stress and depression, These substances help relieve bone, joint and muscle pain.

Reducing inflammation: The geranium herb contains anti-inflammatory substances, which may benefit you if you have arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, and some studies indicate its ability to reduce swelling and ear infection in experimental animals.

Antimicrobial resistance: The geranium herb and the oil extracted from it have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, so it is used as a preservative in some foods, and you can also use it topically to treat some skin problems caused by microbes.

Insect bite treatment: Farmers use geranium herb or essential oil extracted from it to relieve pain caused by insect and mosquito bites. And to treat scratches.

Cosmetic benefits of geranium herb

Moisturizing the skin: It is famous for using its fragrance in moisturizing creams for the skin, due to its superior ability to moisturize, and you can prepare a moisturizing cream yourself by mixing geranium essential oil with any water-based cream, and you can also add some moisturizing oils to the mixture such as sandalwood oil.

Skin Rejuvenation: You can prepare a gentle scrub from the herb after drying it. It helps remove dead cells, And stimulate the production of new cells.

Anti-wrinkle geranium herb: The geranium herb contains antioxidants that fight the aging of your skin. It also moisturizes the skin strongly, which helps to hide fine lines.

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