Benefits of Blue Nela for skin

The article was published on Sayidaty on October 18, 2020 by Sarah Muhammad

Blue nela is a herb that grows in the deserts of the Maghreb countries. A blue pigment is extracted from it, which is used in several recipes for skin beauty. such as whitening it, preventing acne, and improving the nature of the skin, In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, and its role in healing some skin diseases, There are several recipes and methods for using Moroccan nela and applying it to the skin. As the Moroccan nela is a major component of many mixtures for the skin, which are useful in different ways, Here are the most prominent benefits with ways to use it. To enjoy flawless skin.

The most prominent benefits of Blue Nela

Blue Nela works to lighten and whiten the skin. get rid of the effects of the sun, It also removes sagging skin. And rid the skin of melasma, blackheads, excess fat and impurities, It gives the skin an attractive scent. In addition to uniformity of body color, And get rid of pigmentation and dark spots on the body and face, In addition to tightening the skin, relieving fine wrinkles, and deep cleansing pores; it can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

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