Journey of Holiness Package

450 USD++ / 3 days

This holiness treatment is benefiting for Chakra balancing, it remove block in the aura and allow the healing energies that surround us to come in through our crown chakra and flow it in to bodies. They open the palm chakras and energy channel if needed and connect you to specific Shakti healing frequencies. This treatment is consisting of: Day I: Yoga class (90min) starts from 07. 00am - 08.30am Healing Therapy (120min) start from 08.30am - 10.30am Day II: Yoga class (90min) start from 07.00am – 09.30am Ayurveda Shirodara (120min) 08.30am – 10.30am Day III: Healing Therapy (120min) 07.00am – 09.00am Crystal bath (30min) 09.00am – 09.30am) Facial (60min) 09.30am – 10.30am)