205 USD++ / 270 min.

Immerse yourself in the healing world of Ayurveda with this signature treatment originating from India. The Shirodara method awakens the third eye, as a controlled flow of special warm herbal oil is gently poured over the forehead. This technique lulls the entire body into a state of calmness and warms the lymphatic drainage system for detoxification, mental relaxing and clarity. Combine of Shiro dara and Crystal bath is recommended for those suffering from low energy, insomnia, chronic headaches, fatigue and stress.
The treatment consisting of:

  • Welcome drink and child towel upon arrival
  • Foot Bath = 10 min
  • Reiki Healing = 120 min
  • Ayurveda Shirodara = 140 min
  • Light Meal = Chicken Orange and Healthy Juice
  • Spa Gift